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Toxic Relationship Addiction: A Case Study

What you shared makes this sound like there were emotionally abusive possibly financially predatory qualities to this relationship. For extra support you might consider joining our free online breakup support Facebook group. Wishing you all the best… LMB. Unfortunately planting the seeds of doubt as to the healthiness of a relationship is itself going to be a trigger. Articles like this tend to feed doubt.

Which is really sad and scary because it comes from such a helpful, nice, supportive idea. And yeah, relationships have ups and downs and so the cycle will also continue until the person who doubts when things get tough decides to not run. Cycles of stress are natural, normal, not things that can be gotten rid of. And this is true for relationships too. What can change from the past is your -individual perception of stress- and your -individual reaction to it-.

Hi Veronica! Thank you so much for your thoughtful comments and perspective about this article. I think you bring up so many excellent points about how ALL relationships have ups and downs, and that part of being in a healthy, committed, long term relationship is understanding that sometimes things do feel hard. Furthermore, what we emphasize in our approach to marriage counseling and couples therapy is that couples who do successfully whether hard times together often create even deeper connection and a more satisfying relationship than ever before.

I wish more people shared your perspective, and commitment to, well, commitment! And, at the same time, it is also true that sometimes people get trapped in extremely unhealthy situations. I have also worked with a number of people who became attached to sociopaths, narcissists, addicts, or people who were so emotionally unwell themselves that they were literally not able to love… which was, sadly, the case with Tom.

In many other situations, one person is committed to and attached to someone who is not as committed or attached to them and never will be. In these tragic situations, the most healthy option is to acknowledge that reality, and move on. Which can be so, so hard to do — as evidenced by the data around how many times women go back to physically abusive partners, for example. Thank you again for your thoughtful commentary Veronica.

She abused me physically, emotionally, mentally , cut off my friends and family by declaring them oxygen thieves and in the end whenever I stepped out of line or disobeyed her rules I was punished by silence or threats of her going out to sleep with men. I never know if this really happened tho. We split , reconnected, honeymoon , argued , split many of times. Recently it became daily so I left. I thought love could cure everything but meh sometimes I guess you end up wasting love on somebody who will never appreciate it? Mark, thank you so much for sharing your story.

On that note, something to consider: Is your son safe when he is with her? Like, mentally and emotionally safe? If you are worried about him, it may be worth enlisting the support of the courts to help you protect him. Just a thought. This is exactly the emotional dynamic that keeps primarily women coming back to patently abusive relationships. So, basically two choices here: You can decide for yourself that she sucks and you deserve better, and shake the dust off your feet and move on to find a healthy relationship… or you can wait, and hope, until the choice is made for you, one way or another.

I met a man about 5 months ago. He orders food galore and leaves his car at the bar overnight without remembering.

7 Signs You're Becoming Toxic

He also smokes pot. This is just not my lifestyle. But I keep going back when he apologizes. He even sent a private picture of me to all of his friends. I was humiliated. You are describing domestic violence. This is not a toxic relationship, this is an abusive relationship. This is not going to get better, only worse.

Staying in contact with this person could literally kill you. Everything that you have described here is horrifying. For the love of God and your children stop this immediately. Do whatever you need to do to block him from your life. However given what you described you may need to get professional help — this sounds like a person who may come after you if you try to break things off. This is a national domestic violence crisis center.

Please do this Jen. This is not a relationship issue, this is a safety issue. There is nothing here for you but danger. It is not your fault, nor can you fix this. Call them right now!! I have a question around being in the constant cycle of toxic relationships intimate, friends, life. A few weeks ago I broke it off with someone who showed me he was not emotionally supportive when I needed him to be.

He showed me that I could not depend upon him and trust he would be present in a time of need. This is just one of many issues I have had in relationships. I have been in abusive mental, physical, emotional, sexual relationships since I was 15 I am in my late 40s. It has taken me a long time to get to the point where I am becoming clearer about what I want, what I need, what will work for me.

But, I keep finding myself in the cycle of toxic relationships. Since this article is comparing it to being addicted to substances, I am wondering, how does someone get out of their toxic relationship addiction cycle? Being addicted to cigarettes means stopping smoking, and never smoking again. How does this equate to relationships? Does this mean to stop relationships and never be in a relationship again? I know I am doing better with my addiction as I have saved more of myself this time around than I usually do.

I walked away a lot sooner than I normally would. And, I am not responding to his attempts to get me to talk to him this never goes well, he gaslights me and turns the issues around on me and says I am causing problems, he uses the vulnerable information I shared with him in faith and trust as tools to manipulate me or shame me…toxic. I want out of the cycle of toxic relationships, with others and myself. Hope you have suggestions on how to break the cycle, heal, and then find the path to healthier relationships.

Tami, I appreciate your heartfelt question. I just might devote a podcast episode to this one, so please stay tuned to the Love, Happiness and Success Podcast. Or follow me on Instagram — I always post when I publish a new podcast or answer a listener question. The very, short, simple answer Tami, is that in order to change this long-standing pattern you need to do some personal growth work. This is not something that you can accomplish by reading a book or a blog post or listening to a podcast.

This is transformational personal growth work with a therapist or coach who is able to ask you powerful questions, shine a light on things you may not currently be aware of, and who can help you have the healing experiences you need to grow on a foundational level. I do hope you consider taking it Tami. You sound like a very nice person who has been through a lot and who wants more for herself. I believe that you deserve the chance to heal and grow, and I hope you do too.

YOU are worth investing in. As a parent of a twenty year old son who lives with me and is in a toxic relationship how can I help him? My husband wants tough love and to throw him out because this relationship is an addiction. I am concerned about his mental health struggles. He needs a safe place and our support. Amy, I completely agree. Is he open to getting involved in counseling or coaching? You are very welcome to share breakup recovery articles, breakup podcasts, etc from the GrowingSelf. That might be a starting point. I have had people purchase our online breakup recovery class for their teens and twenty-somethings.

Lastly, would you son be open to talking to someone? Getting him connected with a breakup recovery coach or counselor could help him make progress. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Reviews Gift Certificates 0 Items. The Nature of Addiction Here is the definition of an addiction: 1 [Insert name of vice here] changes your mood. Addicted to Love In groundbreaking research, evolutionary anthropologist Dr.

And so he went home. Schedule Your Free Consultation. Judy on November 21, at AM. All the best, Lisa Reply. Best, Lisa Reply. Jennifer on July 6, at PM. Mom on September 26, at PM. Angela on December 9, at PM. The fear of him changing once I leave him is debilitating and I feel like a bad person breaking up my family Reply.

Good luck with things… LMB Reply. Rob daniel on July 12, at AM. LMB Reply. Cressida on October 15, at PM. Dear Marie, I feel terrible because I am guilty of getting addicted to my ex. Cressida on October 21, at AM. Anonymous on October 17, at PM. Wishing you all the best… LMB Reply. Veronica on November 2, at AM. Avesha Empower on April 17, at PM. I really love this article. It was so well written and so truthful. Thank you. Mark on September 20, at AM. Surreal, stupid, desperate?

ASmith on October 11, at PM. Is this still a valid site for questions? Ask away!! Jen on February 15, at PM. Will be thinking of you, Lisa Reply. Tami on April 1, at AM. Hi Dr. Wa alaikum as salam Linda. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I agree that being positive and forgiving are very important.

May Allah swt help you with your business. As a Muslim we should know how to handle them according to Quran and Hadith. This will really made me more confident to deal with them. May Allah protect us and give us strength to face them. Please keep me in your pray. Thanks to Allah. Thank you for your comment, Md.

Yes, I agree we really need to consider the Quranic verses and hadiths when dealing with toxic people. I will keep you in my prayers. Thank you I really needed this today. May Allah reward for sharing this information and for the person for writing this information. Jazakhallah Khair. Be firm on your decision not to join their company or ventures. Because sometimes they are very persuasive and persistent. I suffered a lot from toxic people… i cried a lot… i tried to keep family ties only for the sake of allah… these toxic relatives dont give me peace even when i am pregnant… always they keep on harrasing and insulting me.

I am also a human with all weakness… now i avoid them totally…i fear only allah… why should i fear them…. Assalamm alalikum Thank you so much for your wisdom.. From a toxic. And i believed. All his lies. But i promise. Leave him. And he is trying. To make me feel guilty. For leaving. His side. But i know deep down that he wont marry me. So i leave him for the sake of Allah. And when i start to think of him. Of a good king sweet heart.

And i am patient. Wa alaikum as salam wr wb Sister Gloria, thank you for sharing your heart. May Allah bless you for your patience and trust in Him. Jzk may Allah reward you and Increase Your knowledge. May Allah sw also make us among the dwellers of janatul firdows.. My husbands brothers wife is very toxic. I would prefer to stay away from her and avoid any contact with her but would that b wrong?

Dear Ac, thank you for your comment. I am sorry to hear that you are facing a toxic relative. Masha Allah…Jazakallah khair.. I love your article. I have faced many toxic people in my life. Once I tried to fix a toxic person, I thought I could so him some good,but in turn I was affected deeply and eventually I stoped talking to him and avoided him. I was confused many times. Alhumdulillah thanks to Allah I got to read and understand such words.

I hope to follow this in my life. JazakAllah khair Fatima for your kind words. Yes, Allah does help us. Assalam o alikum Jzakallah It was great to read this article. Actually these are hidden culprits in our society which needs to be at surface now. Jazaak Allahu khair…. Wa iyaa kum Sabrina. Thank you for your positive words.

Sir Jazak Allah Khair. Seems its a great help for me from Allah SWT by U bcoz i was seriously looking for such kind of mater piece in the light of Quran and Hadith and Allah solved my problem. Thank you, Benevolent Filantropsson for your comment. You make a very true point.

If we allow ourselves to be exposed to too many toxic people, we may become toxic people ourselves. May Allah swt protect us and help us, Ameen. Good article, very inspiring. I have dealt with toxic people all my life until the point that it drained me out. It sucked all the energy and strength out of me that I feel as if I have no strength left. Thank you, Houda for your comment. I totally understand how toxic people have left you feeling drained.

Yes, toxic people can even take advantage of our devotion to Islamic etiquette. This is a great point.

8 Signs You’re Addicted To Bad Relationships & How To Break The Cycle

May Allah swt bless you for your good intentions. Wa alaikum as salam Acfan, Thank you for your comment. My observation reading the comments…so many toxic people around…. Maybe there should be an article to help us recognise signs of toxicity within ourselves …nip the evil in the bud…May Allah help us all.. Thank you Raana for your great comment. I love your idea of how to recognize toxicity in ourselves. I will certainly pray for you and your mother.

I am currently dealing with same problem with a family member and I had Ask Allah to guide me the best way to deal with it the situation I am currently in. Your article is actually answer to my worries. Thank you so much! Yes, I am currently having a toxic in my own family. I have a problem with my marriage. But my siblings cannot understand my pressure and stress. They keep on give me pressure as I have to follow their advice even it is against religion. So they have influence my mom and make my mom to hate me too.

Now I become more stressful as supposedly they give me support because my marriage will destroy but with this situation I become disobey to my husband and impolite to my mom…Can you imagine how stressful I am…Only Allah knows how I feel right now. Dear Servant of Allah, I am sorry to hear of the stress you are feeling right now. May Allah swt reward you for your patience and steadfastness. Family problems are often the most difficult problems in life. I am sure that Allah swt will grant you ease after this hardship, in shaa Allah.

Ma Shaa Allah! The article is very useful. Thank You for sharing. May Allah bless you with the good of this life and the hereafter. Thank you brother for your encouraging words. May Allah bless you too with the best of both worlds. Asalam Alaikum, Jazak Allah Khairan for such a beneficial article. It came across my eyes just when they were in tears. But I would share my personal hurt.

I am a non-muslim and wanted to marry a Muslim. It was he who guided me towards Allah swt. I cant now ever turn back from Allah swt ever. Now after reading Islam I came to know that such relations are forbidden. As I have been demanding for marriage soon, and the same is being delayed from the other side, not refused, but delayed, so much delayed that it took 7 years of my life demanding for marriage, causing so much stress to me and my family. Still it is not being refused but being delayed from his family because of some vague reasons of theirs, just delayed and delayed.

It has made me so much frustrated that finally I decided not to respond back ever and to give up. Today morning I saw your article. I am so much in pain and confused. Your article gave me motivation. Allah swt bless you. I am always praying to Allah swt and always try to be patient. But some people ruin our lives so much. Jazak Allah Khair for such a helpful write up.

Wa alaikum as salam my dear Sis. Thank you for your kind words and for sharing your story. I am sorry to hear of your pain and struggle. May Allah swt bring you closer to Him because of your patience and prayers. You are always welcome to email me and we can stay in touch by email : howtobeahappymuslim outlook. Jazak Allah khairan for this beutiful article yeah toxic people are stress may Allah protwct us and reward you for this article. Aameen Shiekh salam sumer do you have facebook if yes what is it. May Allah swt reward billal phillips and grant you both jannah for this article and the beutiful IOU.

Wa iyaa kum Faisal. JazakAllah khair for your kind words. Actually I am not a sheikh; I am simply a Muslim sister with a degree in counseling who hopes to benefit her ummah in some way. Really very meaningful and upto the point article related to the subject. This is really a need of the hour because dealing with this kind of people is became a head ache for me and it is effecting my health as well. After reading your article and the knowing the versus of Quran, it change my mindset. Wa alaikum as salam warahmatuallhi wabarakatuhu Br.

Mohammed, Thank you so much for your encouraging and kind words. May Allah reward you in both worlds too. Salam , Masha Allah valuable advice. May allah swt increase our knowledge in everything. Currently I am going through toxic family members. Allah swt says and prophet mohammed saw taught us increase our bond with family members. May Allah swt give us patience in every breath Ameen ya rab. Jazakulkhair for your wonderful article.

May Allah swt increase your knowledge ameen ya rab…. Dear Inshaf, Thank you so much for your kind and wise words and duas. May Allah swt continue to bless you. Wa iyaa kum Br. Thank you for your kind words and beautiful duas. May Allah reward you abundantly too. When in case of Toxic spouse 1. So if the worldly objectives were reason then one needs to be more patient and talk out the changes than needs to be done.

If the personality of spouse if an issue then Dua and patience is both needed in abundance but it is in some way important to inform subtly or directly to a change needed in the behaviour. Wa alaikum as salam, EM. Loved the article.. JazakAllah for your kind words, Asma. JazakAllah Khair a very good read and easy to understand article. May Alah protect us all from Toxic people ameen.

May Allah fulfil our righteous prayers and guide us through our difficult times Ameen. Wa iyaa kum, Sadia. Please feel free to email me at howtobeahappymuslim outlook. Awsome article! I can add the azkar of day and evening as they R known to prevent from the evil of human and jins as in reciting sourah Alnas. This is a beautiful article…It gives me an insight on how to deal with people of such behaviours in accordance to Islam. Jazakala Khair. The article deals with issues relevant to every day interactions and support constructs from our Quran. I have shared it with my daughter who I am sure will benefit greatly.

JazakAllah for your very kind words, Denise. May Allah continue to bless you and your family. This article has made me realise that am anot the only person who has been facing toxic and hasid people whole of my life.. Only Allah knows why but i have been a victim of hasid people.. Everywhre i go including school people become negative to me naturally from that moment they see me. Many times the Evil eye and whisper of thse toxic people has affected me and nowadays i read the three qusl and ayatul qusr hopping for protection against em whenever i leave the house to deal with worldly matters.

InshaAllah now i have copping strategies i am gna implement and endure more prayers and patiency and avoid em as mucj as i can insha Allah. Wa alaikum as salam Mohamed, Thank you for your encouraging words. I am sorry to hear of your difficulties with toxic people. May Allah swt bless you for your trust in Him. Brilliant article…. I will certainly apply it as we deal with toxic people on a daily basis. I am in situation like this with my toxic spouse. I maintain patience with him from the time i realised this is the best way. He repeats. He wins.

Is there any end to this? Jazak Allah khayr for your kind words and helpful suggestions. I think more preventive strategies on toxic spouse would be helpful. Wa alaikum as salam, Rehana. This article seems lik is talking to me. I been experiencing this for along time.

But your article woke me up. Thank u. Jazaakillaah khairan! Wallaah it is just what set my mind and soul at ease! Please could you provide your email address if I wish to communicate further with you? Wa alaikum as salam wr wb dear Sis. Shanaaz, Wa iyaakum and thank you for your encouraging words. Yes, please feel free to email me at howtobeahappymuslim outlook. Assalam alaykum. I loved it. My mother in law is toxic to me. She has brought out the worst in me. I have become a horrible person. I live with her and I have a daughter.

Unfortunately recently she became a widow so me and my husband can not leave her also she believes sons must live with there parents even when they are married. Me and my husband are perfect for each other but unfortunately she is causing stress on my marriage. My husband is not happy when he looks at me. I live in my bedroom and try to avoid her but I have a daughter she loves her granma but granma has a strange way of looking after her…yesterday she was sitting on her mobile whilst my daughter ate from her bin.

She is a cancer in my life and whatever I do she will always be there ruining my marriage. Wa alaikum as salam dear Sis. I am really sorry to hear of your toxic mother in law. I will certainly pray to Allah to grant you an opening for this difficult situation. I really am grateful to you. May Allah bless you in every way. MashaAllah……………this is so inspiring and full of wisdom. However, just as you said you need to understand yourself before you can understand others.

Knowing who you are and what you want will determine how you deal with others. MashaAllah I love your comment, Abu Abdallah. You gave some superb ideas for alleviating the stress. Jazakallah khairan kathiran fi dunya wal akhirah. Keep say salaam to toxic people may Allah gives hidayah and open their hearts. MashaAllah, this is a fantastic article. It really fills you with encouragement and positivity in the face of dealing with something so negative.

May Allah make it easy for us to benefit from these experiences and take on valuable lessons from our trials, Ameen. Jazakhallah Khair sister Sheima for sharing your wisdom with us, may it be a benefit to you and all your readers, Ameen. JazakAllah khair Sis. Carla for your very kind words. Ameen to your beautiful duas. Assalamu alaikum.

5 Ways to Stand Up to Toxic Messages and Accept Yourself as a Bisexual Person

My name is Na.. I need to explain something about both of our family background for my real fact. My husband and I both cousin from my moms side. My mother in law and my mom is sister. My husband is only one son of his family, with 2 sisters, one is elder and another one is younger. My dad got married when we all siblings are about to marry and after my marriage. And they did many struggles with relatives support. And his younger sister was always solvent so she did need any help. However, 18 years later everything has been changed, his elder sister now millioner as his younger sister too, and their emotion, affection love changed for us too!

We have been staying abroad, we have 2 children now. This is very shocking and heart breaking for us. And always keep saying why my husband does not send more money to his mom, we should not do that or those recently my husband just talked to his sister. When my husband call to his mom, and talk, after that he became very upset and myself too.

So now a day my husband calls his mom twice a month, which was used to be once every week. As I am the only daughter in law! My husband elder sister financial condition changed and her emotion and love also changed for brother. She did not keep relation with my husband and became very arrogance. My mom has some properties, a condo and my Dad and my siblings want me to keep away from my right.

Though they all staying there and taking money. My husband is older than all of 3 elder brothers and he is also cousins too but my brothers always treat my husband as a younger sister husband and never respect him! Now My mom also supporting them and listening them, as she was not like that. She is controlling my moms financial condition and does not pray or not caring about Islam so much , she did not finish Quran, if she keep contact with me, I always use to tell her about pray and do not do this or that as a elder sister so she does not like those advice.

As the life getting very busy and costly, here with two kids my husband and I doing everything from my pregnancy to raising them. You know what , we cannot say anything to our mom right, even they say something bad or illogical to us, and we are totally unable to show our true situation. Because our both side siblings are keep saying against us as they are staying with of our mom. Our moms believe them totally. We faced many things, as we always keep talking over the phone rather met them.

Only Allah know everything, my husband and myself! I feel my own family my mom dad brother sister and my husband mom and two sister all of them are very jealous and even does not want with us any relation, if we do not contact them. And whenever we contact with them we get very stressed and sad upset. Myself and my husband taking deep depression medication since visit and recently my husband has going through other physical problem.

What should we do as we have to contact with our moms at least, but our mom want us to keep contact with our both side siblings and should do our responsibly! Myself now staying at home and every single time I am afraid of ALLAH if Allah angry on us if our moms saying bad dua for us and I become very frustrated and cry all the time. What should we do sister please let me know…. Is that we are away from them for long years? Or is that they emotion changed by time? I need you suggestion, how should we keep relation with them and should we do?

You can ignore outside family members or normal relatives but it is pretty hard to avoid your blood! I am suffering sister please help me…. If you need to know anything else pls let me know. I need your great help suggestions and counselling. This article is just on point. I pray almighty Allah help me in this difficult period. Thank you for your comment, Aminat. Ameen, may Allah swt help you and bless your for your patience and trust in Him. I think we can all be toxic in a good and bad way… Why not be a good toxic but sometimes u have bad toxics around u and u actually care for them… Best way suxh as avoid less and less meetings such as drugs and going out spending money is a big issue for awhile so if u remind ur self and the bad toxics… Eventually that person will be a good toxic and teach them dont just leave them they arebyour responsibility… But when things dont change ur meetings will definetly be diff..

Less small talks.. And good byes… But they just might realize u nvr know. Thank you sister, great article that gave me confindence and proofs i understand the Beauty of Islam.. Can i have your e-mail please ,,,i would love to hear your advices? Thank you for your kind comment, anonymous. Lovely article which serves as a reminder to not only me but others in a similar predicament.

Thank you for the enlightment. Could I contact you, perhaps to make some research or articles? Thank you for your kind comment, Ayu. Looking forward to hearing from you! This article is very beneficial and worth reading repeatedly. I have tried to weigh my actions in the light of this article and wanted to reach out to you for some help. Below is my concern. I am not sure if people feel that I am a toxic person for them. But I am currently experiencing, a guy at my workplace who is causing a lot of stress to me with his behavior. Most of the times I end up with an argument and feel guilty and I even apologize but later same things repeat.

Does this mean that I am myself toxic to others? I am experiencing all the problems that you have mentioned are caused due to stress created by toxic people. Every time the same question keeps coming up in my mind, that if the people whom I think are toxic to me; feel or have the same feeling about me. Please suggest a way out of this. After all, we are all human and we do have toxic moments at times…. I am not sure if you are really toxic, but just the fact that you are aware that you may be a toxic person is a sign that you are not that toxic, since really toxic people lack self awareness.

Do you think you are able to leave such useless conversations? Why do you think you apologize for possibly toxic behavior and then you might do the same behavior again? And so just in my life what I practically do, is decide on the best and most polite and least damaging way to put up healthy boundaries with challenging people, so that I can continue to fulfill my responsibilities and stay in the sabr and shukr frame of mind that is necessary in this life.

12 Signs To Tell If You Have Not Moved On

Of course, some days are more challenging and one does feel those trickles of irritation, but then we should aspire to seek refuge in Allah, make a big sincere intention in our hearts and then stay calm enough to respond in a way pleasing to Allah no matter how upset we are. This way we are not riddled with guilt or remorse for our reactive and angry outbursts, but more in control of what we allow to affect us and how we allow it to control our lives. In my experience this has become much easier with time and practice, and truly empowering. Allah really does make it easier for those who strive for His sake alone.

In Shaa Allah may Allah make this a habit of ours, and then when we are hit with a test we are ready and well equipped with the tools necessary to pass our tests in Shaa Allah ameen I try to guide them but fails and if i join their company their chances of becoming righteous seems less and my chances of going astray increases. I dont start debate with these people but i try to guide the people whom i think have a soft corner and are ready to listen to me.

As the muslim ummah i already declining due to these divisions. Dear Ahtisham, I agree with you. It is better to be alone than to be around people who take you away from the remembrance of Allah swt. This is a good thing! I also think you are right to try to teach people who are actually open to listening to you.

I understand that you want to love all people for the sake of Allah swt. This is a great desire on your part. My thought is that you need to take care of your imaan first. If you feel anxiety and distress from being around certain people, then I hope you would avoid those people. May Allah swt help you and give you righteous company, ameen. As salamu alaikum. I have toxic in-laws. Please Everybody pray for me so that, i would bow my head only to my creator not to someone. And i can die in the city of our Beloved Prophet Muhammad salallahu alaihi wa sallam.

Wa alaikum as salam Umme! I am so happy to read your positive comment—how Allah swt answered your prayers and patience. May Allah swt grant your beautiful wishes, ameen and wa iyaa kum. While I think this post is well intended, I strongly advise one to consider how the blending of Islamic values and Western psychological discourse is dangerous. I suggest reading the iconic anti-colonialist writer Franz Fenon, a Black psychiatrist who began to critique his own profession and colonialism as a whole.

I suggest you look into this critique, as there is a wealth of academic critique on Western medical discourses. Thank you for your comment, Reem. I agree that medication is not the best treatment for most mental health issues, and that social problems certainly affect mental health. Excellent advice.. Jazakillahu khairan katheeran for writing this article.

Rarely are such topics brought to the table, though we need these more and more. As though never can the other side be at fault. I would like to know coping techniques in detail, kindly let me know if there is an article or book that I can read on the subject. Wa alaikum as salam wr wb dear Sister, thank you very much for your kind words. My next IOU blog article is about toxic family members. It will have 3 parts and one of those parts will go into detail more about coping techniques. Assalamualaikum sister …. May Allah grant you goodness and health and all of us.

Alhamdulillah for this wonderful article about toxic people and how to deal with them. I need some advise for my toxic daughter. She lies about her school, about the activities she is engage with and many other. And I do believe also that Allah will not tests His servant beyond his capacity. I know this is a test of faith and patience. Just help me pray and spare me some advise on how I go through it.

Wa alaikum as salam Mingkie, Thank you for your kind words. I hear you saying that your daughter has a lying problem. I agree that these things are a test. I will pray for you in shaa Allah. As for advice, I would need some more information. How old is your daughter? What do you think is the reason that she feels the need to lie? If you want, you can email me at howtobeahappymuslim outlook. What can we if we have big dificulties with anger management. I have a toxic person in my life and that person always manage to break my nerves down, I just can help it!

Wa alaikum as salam Nass, Thank you for your comment. Please send me an email at howtobehappymuslim outlook. Masha Allah, nice article, im really happy read a article. As Muslims we should also productive as develop an Islamic blogs to media information. As I do, provide information about Islam. Thank God , now my blog visitors has reached thousand more each day.

Thank you for sharing information. Ilove this article and it seems to have increase myself confidence, in taking care of my need to be happy while I stive not to hurt others. My above mentioned family does only care us for the financial support …. Some times we disagree to support their extra financial expenses Other than their monthly financial support ,,they get annoyed… Which makes me heart broken My husband deals with his family according to his wish and concerns…..

But I get into trouble with my husband when I ask extra help for my mother… As he knows she is utilizing me But after all she is my mother Please help me sister to deal with this in a righteous way. Sheima Salam Sumer, Ed. Counseling , Featured , Quranic Reflections , Seerah. Signs of a Toxic Person There are many types of toxic people with different levels of toxicity. Toxic Family Members We all know that maintaining family ties is important in Islam. Conclusion Toxic people are a part of life. And He will provide him from sources he never could imagine.

Please let us know your thoughts and suggestions in the comments section below. You may also like. Jazaki Allaah khayr.. May Allaah rewards you best.. May Allah bless you too, Rani. I understand, Mrs A. What sorts of doubts do you have? JazakAllah khair for your excellent comment! Ameen, thank you for your comment Rezwana. Beautiful and empowering advice. Thank you for the sharing..

Thank you for your kind comment! May Allah reward you for encouraging me! Alhamdulillah…Such a helpful article…. I totally agree with you, Duha! Great points mashAllah. Excellent points, Duha!

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I totally agree! Ameen to your beautiful duaa. Wa iyaa kum Safiya.