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Topic 5: Some motivational interviewing techniques for working with young people.

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Topic 6: Brief interventions. Topic 7: Working with young people to determine a plan of action. Topic 8: Summary and conclusion.

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Feedback Provide feedback If you would like a response please complete our enquiries form. Ten to four is plenty of a workday for me now. Sometimes, of course, I have to leave earlier or stay later and encounter a packed train with no available seats. But, often a young person—or even a middle-aged person—does offer me a seat, or guards one that is opening up from interlopers until I can get there.

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I am very grateful. But once more I am also annoyed and grumpy! I want the privileges of aging. Continuing in the workforce, continuing to be productive, but enjoying four-day work weeks, six-hour work days and a seat on the train. That seems dreadful.

Psychologist Cat Norris on the Good and Bad of Ambivalence

I want it both ways. Your relationship to your work identity is also likely to change significantly, either because you want it to or external circumstances push you out of your old accommodations and force you to discover new ones. In a recent article, I called this the second identity crisis. Simon replies with a word for brotherly love, for affection, for deep respect. Do you love me more than all of these?

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And Simon knows that that is not what was asked. And Simon has a sinking feeling that in the naming and in the question, and now in his honest answer, the game is up.

Relationship Problems: Ambivalence

The resurrected Lord is in your midst, but you have no place here because you do not love him. You do not need to love me as I have asked in order to have a place in my Kingdom. Take your place in my resurrected life, take your place in what I am doing to restore all things, take your place as a shepherd, caring and protecting others. You know how the story goes. You know everything, you know my ambivalence, you know my duplicity, you know how profoundly I have failed you, and you know that, in the midst of all of that ambivalence, you know that I do indeed have such deep affection for you.

Sisters and brothers, we are all Simon. None of us lives up to our calling. None of us lives up to the name of Christ by which we are called. Like St. Paul in Romans we know that sin has taken up residence in our lives, sin dwells in us, and we do not do what we most deeply want to do, we have been raised in Christ, and yet we seem addicted to death, we are renewed in the Spirit, but it feels like we are stuck in the mud of our own sin, of stuff that we carry with us, of our own doubts, of our own ambivalence.

So here is the good news for us this morning. May it be, sisters and brothers that we have been formed together as a Wine Before Breakfast community to live with that ambivalence, to know that Jesus calls us in the midst of our fears and failures, to ministry in his resurrection kingdom.

From One Therapist to Another: Denial as an Expression of Ambivalence in Psychotherapy

I followed your suggestion to read this sermon, and am having it printed, framed, and ultimately hung on the wall in my office. I am all too often a terrible husband, father, brother, son, teacher, and even mechanic. I AM a Simon son of ……. This is partly why I have been reticent to accept the position of Dean at my school.

But the words of your conclusion are the truth. Jesus is mericfully about nevertheless.

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