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Pointing a shotgun is faster and more instinctive.

You simply see the moving target in relation to the barrel of the shotgun. Then reflex and hand-eye coordination take over to make instinctive adjustments as you pull the trigger. The situation in which there exists the most crossover is when a rifle or pistol shooter mounts a heads-up, reflex-type sight on their firearm. The view through these electrical, optical sights appears to suspend a dot in space.

They are fast to point because if the eye is in position so the dot can be seen, the projectile will impact the target where the dot appears on it.

What is Sporting Clays?

However, these types of sights are not as precise — especially at long range — as magnified optical sights or even precision variations of open sights. Nearly all shotguns intended for wingshooting wear a bead on top of the barrel, positioned just behind the muzzle. Truly instinctive. That said, all shotguns intended for wingshooting come from their makers with a bead on the end of the barrel and often a second one riding the rib about half way between the muzzle and breech.

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There has to be a reason. The modern shotgun is built to fire from the shoulder. We are trained to look down the top of the barrel to make the shots.

Top Tips for Shotgunning - Skill Builder

Many shotguns, especially those meant for shotgun sports in which you call for the bird with the gun mounted to your shoulder — trap, American Skeet, and increasingly sporting clays — come with a smaller bead mounted about halfway up the barrel. The purpose of the mid-bead is to assure the proper alignment of the gun even more. The tiny bit of upward tilt this gives the barrel helps to move the center of the pattern higher to ink ball rising targets, which are all targets in trap and skeet. Quality hunting shotguns frequently wear mid-beads, too.

They represent the most challenging of all our game species.

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Our Grouse butts offer this challenge to you. Clay Pigeon Shooting is a sport, a skill, perhaps even an art. As with most specialised pastimes it embodies its own language which often mystifies the outsider. At the end of the 18th Century live pigeons released by hand, were used to practice the new sport of shooting birds on the wing. In The sport of live pigeon shooting was made illegal and the shooting of artificial targets i.


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