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The Crater Mountain Sasquatch Legend was primarily created as a short story of a Sasquatch fighting an alien for my older son James. I was not prepared for all the stories that I found when I started researching about Sasquatch. From my little home town to all across the globe, the legendary stories are endless.

The Crater Mountain Sasquatch Legend (Paperback)

Through people's encounters, I was surprised to learn that a Sasquatch was not just a large creature to be feared, but it showed that it actually had feelings and characteristics. This intriqued me so much. The story came together so profoundly. The more I continue to look this subjec, the more I am eager to learn more.

I hope through your own Big Foot research, you will be able to follow those big foot prints to your own discoveries. Do you have any stories of your own? I would love to hear from you! Posted by Author Robert A.

Crater Lake - From Monsters to Bigfoot: The Mysterious Waters

Question 1 - Why did you decide to write this story? Answer - I started writing the Coalmont Legend and in it, as I researched this town, I began to find a lot of legend material circling the Sasquatch Phenomena. When I dived into Sasquatch research I was compelled to have my legend series based around this universe with three totally different stories with Sasquatch in them.

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Question 2 - Have you ever personally had a Bigfoot encounter? It always turned out to be just a fallen branch, a bird and once I mistook the fur of a deer's butt to be a Sasquatch arm. I wish at the time that I had taken a picture of it. Developers constantly update and improve. Easy and intuitive to use. New features frequently added.

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Looking for Sasquatch: an expedition along the 'Oregon Bigfoot Highway'

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